WebTV past, Present and Future!

In the last 5 years there has seen a dramatic increase in Internet video. So much so that now a central element of many websites across the network is Internet TV or Web TV. Web video is definitely here to stay. “Television, as we know, will be unrecognizable in five years, according to the opinion of Bill Gates.” These words wouldn’t be surprising nowadays. But Bill Gates said them back in 1996!

And around that time, Tim Berners-Lee, who is credited by many with inventing the World Wide Web, says that the future of the TV is ‘absolutely on the Internet’. Every major entertainment company NBC, Viacom, and ESPN and many more have made significant to distribute their content across the web movement. These companies continue to leverage the vast reach of the Internet, but the question is what about the independent producer and independent filmmaker? Well, there’s never been better news for them! The low cost of digital video production quality, combined with higher broadband speeds connected to friendly computer video and international distribution networks that the Internet has created opens a time of unprecedented opportunity for independent producers.


Web TV is here to stay!


The advent of digital video cameras low cost was the quantum leap for the independent filmmaker. With equipment for dissemination within reach, the small producer no longer has to spend most of their time trying to find the money, and you can run a professional project with only a modest budget. The films were shot on cameras that are used to transfer images to a desktop computer which can be corrected using software that has the same capacity as a professional editing room. A film can be submitted directly from a computer to the market that is the web. Edit a movie, and then distribute a movie all the same chair, this is the future of the television industry.

Increased broadband Internet connections and high-speed is the next piece of the puzzle. This works in conjunction with computers type media center that allow playback of DVD quality video on the web. As the number of households worldwide that have a connection to high-speed Internet increases, so does the potential for producers of Internet video market. Now we are at the level of high-speed connectivity has created a large market for video, and it’s only going to increase. Similarly any new equipment purchased anywhere in the world will be able to play the video, and make it look as good as it does on your TV.

The last element that makes this a promising time for independent film, is the nature and scope of the Internet itself. The web is ideal in many ways for the film and television producer independent. There are already methods to distribute on the web, and ways to organize your content via the Internet that allows people who are interested in the type of work you are doing to find. And we are only in the early days, however, these methods continue to evolve and with it the ability for a director to find an audience.

Everyone knows about YouTube, and 100 million video plays one day. That’s more than the US audience for the Super Bowl every day. People are watching, and can not always be satisfied with the explosion of Coca Cola bottles or celebrities who do embarrassing things. There will be a place for the independent filmmaker and producer of television and film projects create high-quality video. Your audience expects.

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