Watching TV to learn Spanish!

Simply by learning songs and watch movies or series in original version we can improve fluency and pronunciation of a foreign language in an enjoyable and effortless habits.

Internet TV can be a terrific tool to learn Spanish!

TV, today, remains the best channel for children to get used to listen, understand and speak the Spanish language from early childhood, thanks to the possibility of interaction offered by this Internet TV: children listen, respond, repeat …

Generally the most common tips to get the most out of the “traditional” Spanish classes are:

Learning, reading and Spanish songs
Watching movies and series in Spanish
Chat or communicate in Spanish with others via Internet
Read books in Spanish
Seize every opportunity to practice the Spanish language
For the first two points, television is the essential learning tool. By singing songs in Spanish, increasing verbal fluency, pronunciation and understanding of language. The songs, accompanied with pantomime, drawings and colors are very repetitive and visual activities. An ideal way to learn vocabulary intuitive way.

The series, movies and Spanish are a perfect way for the development of oral comprehension. The images allow us to understand and enjoy the stories so children have no sense of boredom or parents fear that their children spend hours in front of the screen unproductively. The results in terms of listening are really remarkable when performing active listening. In addition to accustom the ear and increase vocabulary, small grammatical concepts are acquired naturally and effortlessly.

In order to make the most of the television as a learning tool, it is required no more than half an hour a day. To learn watching TV is essential to choose programs, movies and series adapted to the age of each child, and to educate the interest and fun. Ideally, parents should accompany children in this activity to turn it into a a fun family time as well as a pedagogical activity.

As parents and educators, we should watch TV with our children, not only as a means of entertainment and escapism but above all, as an instrument that can have a high value in early childhood education.

Do not underestimate the importance of watching TV in their original versions. In many countries in which the original language is preferred over dubbed versions of a show or movie, their inhabitants have a high level of spoken Spanish.